About Us

Sole proprietor’s company “Angela Lazova – Visota” – Blagoevgrad was established in 1990. The Company manufactures bathroom furniture, module furniture and office furniture. It has its own production line built across more than 6000 square metres. The high quality of the product is achieved with the help of modern machinery produced by the World`s leading woodworking machinery manufacturers “Holzher” and “Martin” – Germany, and “Stemas” and “Viet” – Italy which provide speed and accuracy of the production process.
The contemporary image of your bathroom, expressed through materials, colors, functionality and shapes, make “VISOTA” a conductor of modern style - achieved by skillfully combining advanced technology, and production control of the highest standards. Because the pursuit of perfection is our highest priority.
`VISOTA` specialises in manufacturing moisture-resistant (green, double laminated) MDF and PVC material (16mm – 19mm Thickness).
The moisture-resistant MDF is a double-laminated panel made of wooden fibers glued together using special technology. Even though bathroom furniture made of this material is highly water-resistant, it should only be installed in well-ventilated bathrooms and should not be exposed to direct contact with water. In case of accidental exposure to water, the furniture should be dried promptly.
The water-resistant PVC panels are 16-19 mm thick. The choice of thickness is not random – it allows the use of top quality hinges and mechanisms, (products of leading manufacturers unified under the slogan - “Hardware for magical bathrooms”) which provide the smoothest drawer retraction.
High quality impregnating solutions, primers and varnishes that are available in every possible color nuance of RAL and with improved characteristics that ensure durability, and resistance to friction and washing, are used for further processing of our MDF and PVC panels. Our new mirrors with built in LED lights are not only aesthetically refined, but also environmentaly friendly and electricity cost effective.
For an even richer selection of products, we offer a huge catalogue of the so-called “Print” glass – reproductions of images of world known photographers and paintings of famous artists. One of the main advantages of the print glass is its successful combination with MDF and PVC panels, as well as the option to imprint and recreate virtually any image, tiles decoration, or terracotta on it.
The printing ink, used for processing the print glass, is environmentally friendly and does not emit toxic emissions in the atmosphere, which is guaranteed by the relevant certificates of origin. This makes them suitable for use not only in the bathroom but anywhere in the house.
VISOTA furniture – for a good beginning and a pleasant end of your day!